Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of Sofia Tsiraki

Born in Athens in November 1970.

Sofia Tsiraki graduated from the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1997, where she is an Assistant Professor (and PhD candidate) in the department of Architectural Design.

She has won first prizes in a range of national architectural contests, while some of her realized projects (involved individually or collectively), have earned several distinctions (e.g. “Apartment building and ground floor sculpture gallery in Ilissia, Athens”, 2005). The “House-box: Private residence and space of cultural activities in Koukaki” (2010) has been nominated for Mies Van der Rohe award 2013.

She has served as an editor and a contributing author in three collectively publications, and participated in architectural exhibitions. Sofia Tsiraki joins as partner the Biris Architectural Firm. The project “The dissolution of the box: Apartment block in Gazi” (2013) has been honored with the Hellenic Institute of Architecture first prize 2013, for the best realized project throughout the years 2009-2013.