Souda Port Passenger Station

Architectural Competition for the Souda Port Passenger Station. 2018

    Sofia Tsiraki (Assistant Professor National Technical University of Athens, Architect Engineer), Giannis Fragkakis (Architect Engineer), Lambrina Lirou (Student of Architecture), Danae Tseliou (Student of Architecture), Panagiotis Chondros (Student of Architecture)
Structural Engineer:
    Nikolaos Detsis (Civil Engineer, AUTH)
Geotechnical Engineer:
    Petros Laskaratos (Civil Engineer, University of Patras)
Mechanical Engineer:
    Georgios Kontzamanis (Mechanical Engineer, NTUA)
3D Renderings:
    Giannis Fragkakis (Architect Engineer, NTUA), Thodoris Chronis (Artist, ASFA)

The proposal configures an overall redesign of the total dock area of “Adrias”, whose identity is redefined by this landmark Passenger Terminal. The design follows environmental and low-energy consumption guidelines, and it establishes the distinct shape and form of the building: “Sea aura”: The first design gesture is configuration of the roof, following the North-South direction. “Sails”: The undulating section of the roof across the East-West direction, allows for natural ventilation and controlled lighting. “Fishbone”: The structural system of the building is present in space, and its form is projected throughout the overall design. The design is “open” in top view and elevation: It is oriented towards the sea and welcomes visitors. It lowers as it reaches the adjacent town and, elevates towards the sea.