New Library in Helsinki

New Library in Helsinki, Finland (Participation) 2012

    Tassos Biris, Konstantinos Xanthopoulos, Sofia Tsiraki, Giorgos Aggelis
Collaborating architects:
    Myrto Matala, Leda Kremmyda, Katerina Daskalaki, Magda Chambaloglou

Participation in international architectural competition 2012. The ascending or descending movement of the ramp (an open promenade along the major longitudinal axis of the building) attains a metaphorical meaning; Thus strongly referring to an «open chapter» (or «Avoin Luku» in Finnish). Or else, of a first «open chapter» and architectural comprehension of the library, as a complex articulation of spaces with distinct roles, relations and characteristics. Constant movement of the ramp is a strong sign of mobility: iIts zigzagging course, suspended in space, strongly differentiates it to the dominant horizontality of the neighboring buildings. It thus becomes a prominent symbolic sign of the Library, forming a distinct landmark within the city.