Pharmaceutical Production Plant

Pharmaceutical Production Plant and Research Premises in Kifissia. "Point/Line/Surface" 2010-2015

Industrial Building of Uni-Pharma S.A.
    Sofia Tsiraki
Collaborating Architects:
    Eleni Aidoni, Giorgos Anagnostakis, Thalia Velegraki, Lina Dima, Sofia Zournatzidou, Chrysa Koumantou, Alexandros Syriopoulos, Magda Chambaloglou, Stavros Koumoutsos
Construction Supervision:
    Sofia Tsiraki

The main idea comprises of the firm outline of the design that encircles the industrial facility and symbolically defines its identity. The precise clean line of the skin of the building is in contrapuntal relation to the individual kinetic design elements that are emphasized as main structural parts. Conceived as point, line and surface, these structural elements include the column, beam and bearing wall that are adjusted in bracket ties and form a spatial and aesthetic design.